We use the Peach Payments Card Gateway in order to process your payments in a swift and secure manner. It is 100% safe and all details are secured with encryptions. Peach Payments being one of the leading payment gateway providers here in the country, is now a quick and easy way to make payments on our website!

We offer a EFT payment option, as this is convenient for most of our customers. You will be provided with the information to make the payment. All EFT payments must be done immediately if done from another bank other than FNB, as that is our Bank. This is done to ensure immediate shipping of your products and efficient processing of your order. We will not ship out your products until your payment reflects in our account.

If you have placed an order, struggled with payment and would like our banking details, here they are below: 

Account Holder: Ethan L Govender
Account Type: FNBy Transact Account
Account Number: 62802520769
Branch Code: 250655


For any further assistance regarding your payment, click Contact Us and we will kindly get back to you.