Sneaker Cleaning

We know sneakers best … 

Southside Streetwear SA presents The Sneaker Surgery, a fresh sneaker cleaning service for all sneakerheads and fanatics, keeping your sneakers in pristine condition!

The Sneaker Surgery uses the best sneaker cleaning product, Crep Protect, to take care of your sneakers and keep them clean. This luxurious service leaves your kicks spotless and bacteria-free.

We offer this service to all our customers for a small cost. We are operating from our main premises. Customers who wish to have their sneakers cleaned must drop them off at our premises. There will thereafter be a 24-48 hour waiting period until we have cleaned your sneakers and ensured that they meet the high standard of cleanliness which we are known to achieve.

Below is a menu of the services that are available:

If there is anything else you would like to know, or wish to get in touch with us to book your sneakers in for cleaning, you can simply click Contact Us or Phone +27 82 957 4542.