Reebok X Ghostbusters "Ghost Smashers"

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The Ghostbusters Ghost Smashers, a movie take on the Alien Stomper Mid silhouette features an interesting combination of the iconic Ecto-1 and the Neutrona Wand wielded by the crew. The white leather upper comes with a streak of red running across the ankle to the lateral areas as a nice reference to the Ecto-1’s red streak near the back of the car. A tiny silver bullet-like attachment is found just under the streak to reflect the headlights of the vehicle. The shoe also sports a dirty, weathered look. The Ghostbusters logo, with colours reversed this time, is etched onto the black tongue to complete the collaborative sneaker. 

More references to the Neutrona Wand are seen towards the upper end of the shoe. These come in the form of a dial-like attachment just above the red streak, as well as a yellow/black striped pattern covering the Reebok logo and little circles on the other side to represent the energy indicators located on the strap.

And as a final cheeky nod to the film, the underside of the velcro strap reveals the “Who you gonna call?” tagline on one side, and the “We’re ready to believe you” hotline printed onto the other, so you know just what to do when there’s something strange in the neighbourhood.