TRAVIS SCOTT Franchise "23 Gates" T-Shirt - White

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After delivering a concise PROMO range, Travis Scott has returned to drop even more merch for his latest single “FRANCHISE” featuring M.I.A. and Young Thug.

Building on some of the artwork and motifs we have already seen, the latest set of releases features a hoodie, T-shirts and physicals for the track. Leading the drop is the washed and treated brown YUP! Zip-Up Hoodie and T-shirt which feature rhinestone appliqué motifs. Other standouts include the Gates T-shirt marked with an image of Michael Jordan’s mansion, the Portrait of Travis Scott T-shirt centered around George Condo’s painting artwork and the CJ White Tee Three-Pack. Rounding up the selection is another chance at the “FRANCHISE” CD PROMO and “FRANCHISE” Deluxe CD.